Base issues and concerns of logistics for your future hospitality space. Location, funding, management, kitchen vs dining room expectations.  Supplier relationships legalities and permits .  


It’s the most important aspect of any business and that’s why it’s also the most difficult to maintain. You have to have the right personnel on your team otherwise your business will struggle. We specialize in employee engagement, screening, new hire Impact and integration. 

concepting & enhancEment

 Produce organized business plans, building and enhancing ideas,  interacting directly with our brand designers and horeca agents for the desired look and location. the key purpose of any hospitality venue  is to develop a timeless concepts that stand the test of trends and themes. We establish how your concept will drive revenue and out perform the rest.

launching & opening

We deal with the best sustainable PR company in holland, in combination we can manage your marketing strategy to better establish public recognition and exposure. A Focused multi- layered release through online (aka digital) social media, print, broadcast and outdoor advertising strategies to drive sales and profits.

menu development

We believe in the fine tuning of a menu, a focused and clear menu is a necessity and a key factor to success. We design and develop food and beverage programs that reflect and strengthen the brands direction.

REVENUE redirection

Starting with developing a sales and growth culture we can look at the company infrastructure that drives and supports growth. Effectively launching new point of sales strategies and setting company goals, while looking at key demographics to better understand the total market potential, creating marketing programs to support monthly sales and annual goals.

Finance reconstruction

We approach every project as if it was our own, we model and analyze sales and labor costs along with the complete P & L break down to assess your financial performance. We develop systems and controls to maximize performance and redirect your revenue stream back to a profitable state

Restaurant & kitchen design

Planning ergonomic kitchen designs that are energy efficient. Appropriate design plans for the commercial & small restaurant kitchen that will meet all the standards of health and safety criteria, providing all equipment options proper ventilation and air flow to assure easy maintenance